Cost-effective, Smart, Compact, and User-Friendly Ruijie Reyee Router

Ruijie Reyee RG-EG series Router is a cloud-managed router designed for villas and smart homes, restaurants, small offices, and homestay hotels. It is affordable, small, and easy to use, but at the same time comes with 500M-600M bandwidth and supporting up to 200 terminals.

RG-EG series can perform per-port VLAN configuration to achieve port isolation and integrate with smart flow control to achieve comprehensive network planning and perform local and remote network diagnosis.

Powerful and Unbreakable Connection of Ruijie Router

Key Features

  • Simplified and Powerful
  • User-Friendly Configuration, Easy to Learn
  • Unbreakable Multi-WAN Internet
  • Automatically Updated APP Library, Maintenance-free
  • Customize Portal Page, What You See is What You Get.
  • Secure Access Internal Device Remotely

Between POE Routers and Mesh Routers: Where the Network Path Is

RG-EW Series is an ideal choice for wireless network deployment in bungalows, villas, Large-sized apartments, small shops, and SOHO. The whole EW Series family can realize flexible networking and seamless roaming for multi-device via the Reyee Mesh Technology provides a stable and high-speed wireless experience.