Ruijie Reyee RG-NBS3100-24GT4SFP,28-Port Gigabit Layer 2 Cloud Managed Non-PoE Switch

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Enterprise, Hospitality, Factory, Education, Retails etc.


Highlight Features

  • 28-Port gigabit Layer 2 managed non-PoE switch, 4 SFP uplink
  • Enterprise-class Quality Ensures High Performance
  • IP Camera Recognition, Unique Value for CCTV Network
  • Multiple Security Policies Protect Your Network
  • Lifetime management on Ruijie Cloud at anytime anywhere

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Ruijie Reyee RG-NBS3100-24GT4SFP Managed Switch is designed for SME customers to meet their different network needs including basic VLAN division and advanced security features such as ACL.

Flexible VLAN Division

Ruijie Real-easy Series managed switches provide a convenient and flexible way to divide VLANs, allowing you to assign the ports to different VLANs as needed. Users in different VLANs do not affect each other, creating a more stable network for the users.

Surge Protection Ensuring Product Stability

The 6KV surge protection of the port reduces the probability of being damaged by surges and improves the customer’s network stability.

MANET for Switches Allowing One-step Project Management

RG-NBS3100-24GT4SFP can obtain the IP address automatically from the gateway and connect to the external network without configuration. It also supports MANET for switches. Users can scan the QR code of any switch in the network using the Ruijie Cloud app to automatically add all switches in the network to the project.

Ruijie Cloud App/ Ruijie Cloud Platform Remote Management

RG-NBS3100-24GT4SFP not only supports web interface management but also supports Ruijie Cloud app and Ruijie Cloud platform remote management. Users can view the network status, modify the configuration, and troubleshoot at home.

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RG-NBS3100-24GT4SFP Datasheet

RG-NBS Switch 1.83 Web-Based Configuration Guide

RG-NBS3100-24GT4SFP Quick Installation Guide


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