Our trade partner program invites professionals and installers from the CCTV and IT industry, as well as electricians and resellers in IT and telecommunications, to collaborate with us in expanding our distribution channels. We extend a warm welcome to all interested parties.

Benefits for join our Trade Partner Program

  1. You will receive competitive wholesale prices for our products.
  2. You may get an extended sales warranty on some of our products.
  3. We have a close relationship with the manufacturer and arrange training sessions periodically to enhance your understanding of our products.
  4. When we have promotions, you will be able to get some trade incentives.
  5. You will get potential project opportunities if we have project opportunities in your area.
  6. We can assist you with certain levels of project solutions and product selections.
  7. We offer pre-configuration service of Reyee & Ruijie products, a limited service fee may apply. Contact us for details at [email protected]

To apply to join our trade program, please fill out and submit the Trade Partner Register Form below.