Star-Link Group is a local Australian company, focusing on networking device wholesales. We are based in the Southside of Brisbane. We are the First National Value-Added Distributor of Ruijie Networks in Australia region.

Ruijie VAD certification

Our products include both SMB and Enterprise Level switches, access points, routers, wireless bridges, camera, Network Video Recorder, Monitor etc. Other than supplying products for our business partners, we can provide training and help with business solutions for our business partners. We are aiming to find some business partners to build up our sales channel and promote Ruijie’s products together. ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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How Star-Link Group met Ruijie Networks

Ruijie Networks is a leading Information and communications technology Enterprise in China. They are also one of the top well-known networking brands globally.

Ruijie Networks provides a very good cloud solution for their products to enable the System Integrator fast design and configure network devices and manage their portfolios through a computer or even smartphone apps. The key features of their cloud solutions are smart, user-friendly, and lifetime free. Even the fresh bird can learn and manage the app in a very short time frame. The installers can generate a professional topology from their phone within minutes for the end users. Ruijie Networks’ AI robot RITA is able to help SI resolve different kinds of problems like network troubleshooting, document searching, and FAQs.

We are impressed with the high quality of Ruijie products, cost-effective scenario-based solutions, and free could management solutions. In May 2020, we flew to Beijing to meet with Mr LIU the CEO of Ruijie Networks, and Mr ZHU the vice president of Ruijie Networks to discuss our business strategy and plans to bring Ruijie and Reyee (Ruijie’s sub-brand) products to Australia. We also discussed our overall business strategy and how it aligns with the Ruijie’s goals and objectives.

After 2-3 years of local promotion and marketing, more and more business partners and installers know Ruijie and Reyee products and join the team now.

Check the detailed introduction article regarding Ruijie Networks below.

Introduction of Ruijie Networks

Big Project Events

In Australia, Star-Link Group supplied Ruijie Networks’ Data Centre Core Switches to Alibaba Sydney Office in April 2022.

Check other successful big projects that we co-operated with local installers.

Project & News

UniView and Dahua Camera Products

We have recently added UniView & DAHUA cameras to our product line. After careful evaluation and testing, we believe that UniView & Dahua cameras will be an excellent addition to our existing range of products and will help us to better serve our customers.

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