In a campus setting, Ruijie Enterprise access points RG-AP820-L(V2) are typically deployed in classrooms, lecture halls, libraries, and other common areas such as dining halls, student centers, and outdoor spaces. Access points can be managed by a central controller, allowing network administrators to monitor and manage the wireless network and enforce security policies.

RG-AP820-L(V2) is the Ruijie’s highest price-performance entry Wi-Fi 6 enterprise indoor access point. Certified by Tolly’s latest Test Report, the RG-AP820-L(V2) verified on user capacity up to 1024 Wi-Fi clients, and provides up to 65% higher total throughput in a legacy Wi-Fi 6 environment.

While Ruijie RUIJIE GATEWAY RG-EG2100-P V2 Next-generation Unified Security Gateway is a multi-functional Cloud Managed Security Gateway product for various industries. Equipped with high-performance multi-core MIPS hardware architecture, the EG Gateway supports a wide range of features such as high-performance NAT, WAN load balancing, smart flow control, online behavior management, visualized IPsec VPN , web authentication, etc

In June 2022, our Sydney business partner has completed a Sydney Business College Networking Project by using this Ruijie STAR Product RG-AP820-L(V2) together with Ruijie Enterprise POE Gateway RG-EG2100-P V2 and Reyee POE Switches RG-ES218GC-P & RG-ES226GC-P.

Let’s check out the photos of this College project from our partners.  

Ruijie Sydney college project with Ruijie Enterprise Access Point RG-AP820-L(V2)
Ruijie Sydney college project with Ruijie Reyee PoE switches RG-ES226GC-P

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