Ruijie Reyee RG-ES108D, Metal Case 8-port 10/100Mbps Unmanaged Switches

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Ruijie Real-easy Series RG-ES108D are cost-effective unmanaged access switches with metal casing designed for SMEs.


Highlight Features

  • Cloud visible even unmanaged switch
  • Large buffer for smooth data transmission
  • Intelligent PoE management
  • High-quality makes network reliable
  • Better quality design
  • Designed for various scenarios

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Video surveillance has been widely popularized, and more and higher requirements are raised for surveillance security switches that are indispensable for video data transmission. Ruijie launches the Reyee RG-ES100 Series to provide customers with next-generation unmanaged surveillance security switches that feature diversified specifications, stable quality, and high-cost performance.

The Plug and Play (PnP) feature allows you to set up a video surveillance transmission network by only powering on the RG-ES100 Series switches and correctly connecting the switches to IP cameras and digital video recorders (DVRs).

If the Ruijie Cloud management platform is available, you can add the RG-ES100 Series to the topology manually or by scanning the QR code to conveniently output a complete topology.

The RG-ES100 Series is composed of key components selected based on strict requirements, such as the power supply, capacitors, and resistors. In addition, specifications related to lightning protection of the power supply, surge protection of ports, and lifespans of capacitors and resistors are strictly controlled and tested to provide reliable and easy-to-use products for customers.

The RG-ES100 Series provides up to 6 kV lightning protection for ports of PoE switches and up to 4 kV lightning protection for ports of non-PoE switches. The high-standard lightning protection design can reduce the probability of port damage caused by lightning surges and improve the stability of customer networks.

Based on the characteristics of video transmission, the RG-ES100 Series employs a large cache to properly handle traffic bursts in video surveillance and avoid video freezing.

The RG-ES100 Series unmanaged switches support switching among the flow control, port isolation, and normal modes.

RG-ES108D Unmanaged Switches Datasheet


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